Peas Don't Die

Peas Don't Die is the game I worked on during my exchange program in Singapore. It is a 3D platformer where you play as a pea trying to survive in a pot of boiling soup. You have to jump on the floating ingredients, avoid enemies and try to take as less damage as possible.

This game was made on Unity, in a team of 5, who were from multiple nationalities. My main challenge during development was conflict management and dealing with the finnish programmers, who had no knowledge of Unity. As they were extremely introverted, I had to maintain a team spirit within French, Singaporean, Korean and Finnish people, which was hard. This was also my first experience designing a monetization system, and I learnt a lot during development. I tried as much as possible to give the player the choice to watch an ad instead of paying, but in the end it felt weird when you had to pay (to unlock character skins), so I backtracked a little bit on this matter.

The programmers had no knowledge of Unity, but were accomplished engineers. They developed complex systems when they could have used basic Unity components. As a result, I had to give them a crash course on Unity, especially UI. This added a layer of management I did not have time for, as I had to prepare milestone presentations regularly, as well as designing levels and supervising playtests.

Made with Yu Yin Teh, Chen Wei, Juuso Turunen and Aleksi Luomala.

What I did

  • Refining the game concept and monetization system
  • Writing design documentation
  • Managing the team on a day-to-day basis
  • Handle milestones, schedule and playtests supervision
  • Designing levels with the homemade level editor

What I learnt

  • Working with people of different cultures
  • Working with proficient programmers without Unity knowledge
  • How to supervise playtests
  • Dealing with schedule management
  • Handling milestones for everyone in the team