VR Dissertation

During my third year at Rubika, I had to write a dissertation about something I was interested in videogames. I chose to write a paper about VR, because I am really interested in this field, and it has a lot of space for innovation.
In the end, the document is 52 pages long and its main question is How can one innovate in VR nowadays?

More specifically, I chose to work about the Character/Camera/Controller (or 3C) in VR, initially because I was frustrated most of games just used a lazy teleportation system for avatar movement. While I primarily focused on avatar movement, I also explored controllers (both released and experimental) and the avatar itself. I linked all these subjects with brain behaviour, and experimentation techniques.

In the end I obtained 19/20 on this paper, so I figured out if I worked for so long on it and people liked it, I might as well release it on the Internet. Right now it is only in French (sorry about that) but I plan to work on an English translation on my free time.

Download PDF